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Meet Melinda

Ramsey Financial Coach * Dow Janes Money Coach * Workplace Wellness Financial Coach * Charitable Organization Money Coach

Several years ago, I regularly struggled with money. I made good money, but was strangled with debt. No matter how much I made, I never had enough. I was one money emergency away from a crisis. Until I learned some life-changing steps towards financial wellness that everything changed. I dove into learning as much as I could about money, connected with a community, got a couple of coaches, and now I don't worry about money anymore. I am on a path to being able to retire inspired. 


I now use this lived-experience and knowledge to help others! My mission is to shout these ideas from the mountain tops, and bring anyone that will listen along this ride with me. Money doesn't have to be a struggle, we don't have to live with worry about ever being able to retire. We can walk through the simple steps to get you where you wanna be with money!


I can help. The way that coaching helps is to take a deep dive into your specific money situation so that we can assess and reset your path to Delete Debt and Build Wealth. This could mean tackling a specific debt, working tactical and practical midsets of good money management, or simply helping you uncover the behaviors that cause you to derail yourself.

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