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Keynote Speaking

As a person that has conquered her own money demons and a passionate, relatable speaker, Melinda Hartrum will educate and inspire your audience to take their financial wellness into their own hands. So many of us were never taught the rules of money, and are uncertain about how to move forward. Melinda brings the sensitive topic of talking about money out of the darkness and into the light. This is where real transformation occurs. 

Melinda’s keynotes focus on the following customizable themes:

Ripple Effects: Women, Kids and Wealth


Process to Profit: Critical Habits Guaranteed to Boost Profits


Kick the Debt Habit: 3 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom


Building on the powerful and proven tactics, Melinda customizes each speech for your specific event. Your audience will leave with actionable ideas and mindsets that will instantly transform their finances, reduce stress, and put them on the path to build generational wealth.

Book a call to discuss your event requirements.

"Melinda was incredible. Developing stronger wealth habits, especially modeling for my kids, is so important to me and she was a wealth of knowledge (no pun intended)."

"I love Melinda’s energy and passion. She makes the material very accessible to every level. Thank you for having her here. This was perfectly timed for my own personal situation and I was inspired to take action on one item today."

"She’s terrific! I plan on asking Melinda to be a speaker at a future event!"
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