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Be Better,
with Money!

Delete Debt & Build Wealth!

Meet Melinda

Ramsey Financial Coach
Dow Janes Money Coach

Workplace Wellness Financial Coach

Charitable Organization Money Coach

Melinda is mom of Bella, Chris and furbaby Luna. She is a seasoned and educated professional operations manager, yet she found that money leaked through her fingers like water. When she got turned down for a new car loan, this moment sparked an embarrassing conversation with her 14 yr old son that changed her life. 


Fast forward she has paid off or avoided $126k in debt, and quadrupled her net worth. Today Melinda is consumer debt free, focused on paying off her mortgage early, building wealth, and helping others learn from her many mistakes.


What I Specialize In

Identify personal values and what's important

Identify and prioritize short, mid, and long term goals

Analyze where spending can be cut

Establish organizational/tracking system for spending and goals

Create a Savings plan geared towards building wealth

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The journey towards Being Better with Money is simple
The path towards building Wealth is achievable

Find out how today

HFC has been one of the best investments I have made in my business (and self) to-date. From day one Melinda provided warm and totally personalized guidance, practical instruction, and tools that have saved me time, frustration, and critical expenses. In a world of overwhelming resources, it can be tempting to try to navigate things on your own, but working with HFC is invaluable. Don't neglect this opportunity to set yourself up for success. After only 3 sessions with Melinda, my business has totally transformed. I feel so confident now that I have the right systems in place to thrive and continue to grow. I cannot recommend HFC enough! Don't hesitate to schedule a call.
Coach Melinda was such a good fit for me as I was building my new business. I did the Profit and Process coaching with her and she was endlessly supporting, pushing me when I needed it and showing me what I wasn't seeing. She helped me create next steps and gently held me accountable to the things I said I wanted to accomplish. She delivered her messages without judgement and could personally relate to almost any situation that I was dealing with. Looking back at how much I accomplished during our coaching program, both physically and emotionally, the growth is astounding. Thank you Melinda.
Getting coached by Coach Hartrum has been an invaluable experience in improving my financial future. I'm not usually comfortable talking about money because it has been such a struggle for me through my life. Melinda made me feel comfortable so that I was able to open up and really discuss what was on my mind. She gave me some great advice and helped me to see possibilities where I couldn't see them before. She also also helped me to identify past thought processes that lead to behaviors such as over spending and handling money in ways that weren't in my best interest. Since my coaching session I have felt more optimistic about my financial future than ever. I realize I control my money, my money doesn't control me and I've bee able to pay off $4800.00 in debt.
Thank you Coach Hartrum

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Are you ready to make a change, but need more information? Let's take a bit of time to discover what your challenges are, identify opportunities, and create a path towards achieving your goals.


Action is the fundamental key to success!

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Delete Debt & Build Wealth!

Our Approach

Customized to your circumstances & values

Redefine what's possible

Judgement FREE

Results focused


Tactical & practice steps

Simplify the complicated
Comfort zone stretching in a safe environment

Go at YOUR pace
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